Veteran, Educator, Author, Songwriter, Law Enforcement Officer

Doug DePew

I grew up in a small town southwest of St. Louis, Missouri. I had a pretty typical, country childhood. In high school, I was first chair trumpet in the band and attended Voc Tech for Masonry . Right before the Army, I lived on the parking lot of Shoney's on old music row in Nashville for a month. As detailed in my second book, immediately after the Army, I attended Full Sail Center for the Recording Arts in Winter Park, Florida where I studied music production, music business, live sound, and recording engineering. I attended Southwest Missouri State University after the second stint in the Army and earned a BSEd in history cum laude with a minor in English in 1995. After that, I worked as a public school social studies teacher, a corrections officer for the state, a teacher for the state in two different facilities for juvenile delinquents, a correctional officer for the feds, and a GED teacher for the feds. For the last three years, I've been a GED tester for our facility.

I married the best wife in the world along the way. We have three great kids, four beautiful grandkids, and a lovely place in the country. I've been blessed with a very good life. 

Many of my hobbies will probably end up on this site eventually. Music has always been my passion. I still write and love singing and playing guitar. I also love living history, woodworking, leatherworking, travel,
most outdoor activities, playing with classic cars, and St. Louis Cardinal baseball. Living life is what I'm best at.


I'm a life member of Nashville Songwriter's Association International, American Legion, National 4th Infantry Division Association, and a founding member of the National 4th Infantry Regiment Veterans' Association. I'm also on the board of directors and the editor for 4th Infantry Regiment Association. In 2014, I received the very prestigious honor of being named a Distinguished Member of the 4th Infantry Regiment by the Secretary of the Army.

Thank you for visiting my site, and feel free to keep in touch through any of the social media outlets. I am available to speak at veteran's reunions. Contact me at