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Veteran, Educator, Author, Songwriter, Law Enforcement Officer

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Hello. I'm Doug DePew. I'm glad you found your way here. I am a teacher and tester in a federal prison, but have done a lot of things through the years. I'm a veteran of the US Army infantry and Naval Reserves. I also enjoy music and songwriting and am a life member of Nashville Songwriter's Association International. A few years back, I wrote a couple books about my experiences in the Army. More writing projects and other creative endeavors are planned for the future. I'm a historian by profession, so some historical fiction or straight history is possible. I'll also add music and songs as they're ready. People have been asking me for years to write a book about prison education. That's a work in progress. As it grows, this site will be a combination of interests. Hopefully this gives you a chance to get to know me better. Thank you for visiting my site, and I hope you enjoy it.

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The author spent four years, one month, and seventeen days as an active duty US Army Infantryman. After his time in C 2/4 Infantry (Pershing), he spent the balance of his four year enlistment in the 4th Infantry Division at Fort Carson, Colorado leaving active duty with an honorable discharge in 1990. He was recalled to active duty in support of Operation Desert Storm in 1991. He spent an additional five years in the Naval Reserves and earned a BSEd in history from Southwest Missouri State University. Since college, he has taught public school, was a corrections officer, taught juvenile delinquents for the state, and now teaches in a prison for the federal government. Today, he lives on a beautiful piece of ground in the country in southwest Missouri with his wonderful wife.